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It’s getting to that time of year again, when we all start scouring the high street for our holiday wardrobe. The british weather being what it is, our every day summer clothes usually will not do well for two weeks in 30 degree heat – or least that’s the excuse I use for buying mountains of extra clothes and swimwear. Because who DOESN’T need a different bikini for each day of your holiday?!

Lucky for me, this year, one of my best friends is getting married in Las Vegas, which means that, for the first time ever, I will be going to visit the states. And to me, this means one thing – holiday shopping.

Me and my boy will be spending eight days in Las Vegas in the middle of August, so we know, it will be hot. So for me, one of the main aims is finding lightweight clothes that will cover my fair skin (I burn far too easily!), as well as keep me cool – sweat patches are not a nice look!

So although I have a while before we go away, I’ve started putting together some ideas for outfits for my holiday. I’ve seen a lot of tribal prints around, and Vanessa Hudgen’s laid back look, which is the kind of feel I’ve gone for here.



Tassel necklace, Topshop, £30

Floro Folk Pelmet Skirt, Topshop, £34

Leather Tassel Clutch Bag, Asos, £32

Sylviane Lace Kimono, Missguided, £19.99

Aztec Bikini, Asos, £32 (for the full set)

Cornelli Cropped Cami, Topshop, £28

Leather sandals, Asos, £22

Sunglasses, Asos, £18

Mood ring, Asos, £6

I’m dreaming of the lace kimono, and will definitely be purchasing this come payday – as well as the statement necklace which I can see myself wearing with EVERYTHING.

Where are you going away this year?

Leah xoxo

Journalism Graduate, Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger and Crafting Enthusiast. Bristol, UK.

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