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Is it payday yet?


So it’s mid-January – the hardest part of the longest month, not least it seems such a long time since Christmas, and such a long time til the next payday. However, positive-thinking in mind, payday is almost on the horizon, and so I have been using my spare time recently to scout out the items I am going to putting on my payday wishlist. So here you go – I hope you enjoy!

Voyages over New York print, notonthehighstreet.com, £20

Voyages over New York print, notonthehighstreet.com, £20

First on my lust-list is this amazing print by Monda Mosaic. I’m currently planning my summer trip to New York and keep finding myself drawn to all things related to the city. This print is beautiful, and would look perfect in my little house. For only £20 as well, it’s affordable, and definitely top of my payday treat list!

Lovebirds Watch, Joy, £55

Lovebirds Watch, Joy, £55

I’ve wanted a nice watch for a while, but never seem to find one that I really like. This one from Joy, with its sweet lovebirds design and leather strap is perfect, and would go with pretty much any outfit. WANT.

Evelyn Yellows Cushion, Habitat, £9.60

Evelyn Yellows Cushion, Habitat, £9.60

I’ve been eyeing this Habitat cushion since the summer when we moved into our new home, but couldn’t quite justify buying yet another cushion. However, now this one has been reduced to only £9.60, I’m not sure I can resist! I love the mustard yellow and think this will go perfectly in our living room.

Flamingos Emroidery,  PygmyHippoShoppe, $55

Flamingos Emroidery, PygmyHippoShoppe, $55

I love this hand embroidery, available at the PygmyHippoShoppe, where they sell a whole host of individual, and funny items that I am lusting after. These quirky little hoops are all embroidered by hand, and would make an amazing addition to any home. I have a couple that I have put together myself around the house, but think this one is particularly cute.

Two-Sided Tartan Scarf, Zara, £9.99

Two-Sided Tartan Scarf, Zara, £9.99


This one is more of a ‘wishful thinking’ item. I love love love this scarf, but every time I have gone online to buy it, it is sold out. I’ve seen a few bloggers out there wearing it (fromgemwithlove and lilypebbles have both put up some amazing outfit posts with it). I have been checking obsessively for this to come back in stock, as I’m not sure I can let such a gorgeous scarf go that easily! So if any of you see it available anywhere, let me know 😉


How have you all been coping during this long month? What’s on your payday wishlist?


Journalism Graduate, Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger and Crafting Enthusiast. Bristol, UK.

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