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Okay, so Im an absolute freak about arranging things; desks, drawers, cupboards. When I was at school, I would even have to have my pens and pencils arranged in neat arrangements on my school desk. So I thought I’d share with you all some of my favourite little spaces (mine and otherwise).


Dressing tables of dreams = rows of rouge and layers of liner.  ‘mazin.
Bountiful Books: the perfect example of organisation in small spaces.
Your past in books displayed for all to see. Beautiful.


Sweetie Jar, Cookie tins and piles of antiques crockery.
The minute I move into my own place, I’m filling my kitchen with this and more.
A girls dream, organised in row upon row of colour-coordinated foot heaven.


And of course, there’s this one. Nevermind the mess – this ones purely for aspirations purposes.
Thank you Miss Bradshaw.xoxo

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