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I’ve long had a love affair with the little black dress. The LBD was my first proper ‘going out’ dress when I turned 18. LBDs have carried me through several birthdays, and keep me feeling good about myself even when my weight fluctuates (which it does, constantly). In fact, I’m pretty sure my wardrobe is half LBD, half everything-else.

That being said, this summer, I’m finding myself falling for another. While noone will ever replace the Little Black Dress as my ‘go to’ dress, I cannot stop myself lusting after her alter-ego… the Little White Dress.

I’ve seen the appeal in white dresses for a long time – I mean, has everybody seen Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Transformers 3? But always presumed you needed to be 6ft tall, with bronze skin and legs up to your armpits to pull off the LWD. I am none of those things. But going shopping with a friend the other day, I couldn’t help but notice how many beautiful little white dresses there are around at the moment – and not all of them as unflattering as I had presumed they’d be on my 5’5″ pastey self!

Here are my top picks:


1. Asymmetric Step Hem Dress, ASOS, £65
2. White Double Layer Tunic, Topshop, £38
3. Crochet Lace Angel Sleeve Dress, Boohoo, £20
4. Buckle Waist Strappy Dress, River Island, £50
5. Deep Plunge Dress, ASOS, £28
6. Lace detail Cami Dress, New Look, £27.99

I’m definitely going to be buying one – although I’m not sure which one at the moment, as there are too many nice ones to choose from! One of my absolute favourites is the Topshop Double Layer Tunic – it reminds me of the ‘waitress’ dress in Confessions of a Shopaholic – only in reverse. I love how simple it is, and think this would be perfect for those summer nights out (once I’ve got my fake tan in check of course!). This one might have to wait til payday though!

What do you think of the LWD? Love or hate?


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