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So here we are at the beginning of the week. Phew. Monday is never my favourite day of the week, but to brighten up today I’ve compiled a list of things that make me happiest. 
In the words of Peter Pan, “Think of a wonderful thought, any happy little thought”…
Here goes:

As cheesy as it sounds, I love it when those warm autumn evenings arrive, and the leaves turn golden brown.
It also reminds me of buying new school stationary, and fresh starts every September.
I’ve never been able to have a pet cat, as my mother is allergic,  but I’ve always  been determined that the minute I have my own place, I’ll get a kitten just like this. Because kitten-cuddles can make anyone happy.
Photographs of loved ones

While, yes, I do realise these photo frames are empty, I one day  want a wall just like this – filled up with childhood memories, and the smiles of my friends/family. Instantaneous happiness.
Spending time in the kitchen

Whenever I’m feeling down, getting busy in the kitchen, cooking up all kinds of fancy goodies takes my mind off absolutely anything. My favourites include Lemon Cupcakes and a Chicken Tagine.
Making Lists/Plans
If I ever feel lost or down, making plans of all of the wonderful things I want to do with my life, and how I’m going to get there keeps me inspired and bad feelings at bay.

So what do you think? How do you guys keep yourselves chirpy on blue mondays?


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