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Five Things: Favourites on Instagram

lauren conrad instagram heteroheroine

I’m pretty sure a day doesn’t go by when I don’t check Instagram to pawn over an array of beautiful images. I even have my favourite ‘Instagrammers’, whose profiles I check regularly just to take a peek at their gorgeous photos. From fluffy animals (I follow an embarrassing number of cute animal pages) to travel shots or stylish outfits. Instagram is my fav.

Here are some of my favourites, whose Instagram accounts are among the prettiest on my feed:

lauren conrad instagram heteroheroine

Prettiest Instagram: @LaurenConrad

Who could even speak of Instagram without mentioning Lauren Conrad’s account? Her stunning photos are a point of conversation among many, and always look so pretty and feminine. But if you’re thinking you’d love to make your photos look like hers, you’re out of luck – she keeps the filter apps she uses a secret!

Bunnymama Instagram cute

Cutest Animal Instagram: @Bunnymama

This lady’s Instagram, documenting the lives of her gorgeous bunnies, is guaranteed to cheer up even the most miserable of days. Jam-packed with pictures and videos of rabbits doing very rabbity things. It may sound mundane, but actually, a video of a rabbit chewing lettuce leaves if more captivating than you’d think!

ghostparties instagram kate johnson heteroheroine

Most Inspirational Instagram: @Gh0stparties

Gh0stparties is one of my favourite bloggers and her Insta is every bit as beautiful as her blog. I love her style, from her gorgeously decorated home, to her outfit posts, and the odd appearance from the lovely Mouse. I always end up wanting to buy whatever Kate features on her insta – so so pretty.

thimble and bobbin heteroheroine

Craftiest Instagram: @Thimble and Bobbin

I took up Cross-stitching as a bit of a hobby a year or so ago, and on my search for quirky embroidery and cross-stitch designs, I found Thimble and Bobbin. Her designs are pretty accurately described as ‘Hand embroidered sassiness’. I love taking a look at all of her designs, and seeing how she makes them fun, but really pretty at the same time.

kate bow bow heteroheroine

Girliest Instagram: @katebowbow

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, floral headbands have taken the world by storm, and one of those responsible for providing so many girls with beautiful bands is Dolly Bow Bow – a beautiful boutique run by this lady, Kate Bow Bow. Kate’s Insta is equal parts beautiful headwear/jewellery and lifestyle photos detailing her lovely life – from outfit posts, and belly shots (she’s pregnant) to her gorgeous pooch.

Do you have a favourite Instagram account that you love to browse?


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