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A Vintage Wedding

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A family wedding,complete with oddball family members, and handsome pageboy nephews. Arnos Vale Cemetery. A green and blossoming haven hidden in the heart of the city where this was the first wedding ceremony to take place. A historical occasion and an intimate one. We sheltered in the shade while the sun poured down scorching the ground and glistening our skin.

A 45 minute drive through our home county brought us to our resting place. Radford Mill Farm – a wild gem of old stone farmhouse buildings and expansive lawns. Camper vans filled with guests and food and drink piled in. Tents were pitched while the children threw themselves happily in the stream. We ate and drank and gazed at our surroundings, engorged by the beauty.

Heady sunshine and Pimms to cool us from the heat. We left happy and full and ready for sleep.

A lovely day.



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