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A little update and a bit of New York…

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So, it’s becoming a bit of a  standard start to a blog for me, but I have been super rubbish recently! There has been so much going on that I just haven’t had much spare time at all. There have been loads of things happening that I will be putting up on here, and I’ve got so many plans for posts, so fingers crossed I’ll start getting back into this properly!

The first thing that happened, and something I have blogged about briefly, was our trip to America – Las Vegas and New York. We went to Vegas  for a friend’s wedding, and even though neither me nor Lee had ever been too fussed about going before, we ended up completely loving the place, and I think will end up going back one day! But more about that another time!

New York was amazing, and somewhere we had both been desperate to go to. I was recently going through some photos from our few days there and thought I’d very quickly put up a few snaps just to show you some of the things we did while we were there! We had such a good time and did so much that we were both exhausted by the time we came home from our trip, and ended up getting colds, probably because of how run down we were – little sleep, junk food, and tiring days are not a good combo!

new york collage heteroheroine

A couple of weeks after we got back, we had another wedding to go to – this time one of Lee’s old uni friends, who were getting married in Oxford. While we were excited to go up there for the night, this would be the first time I’d drive on the motorway for a long distance, and so I was pretty nervous. The motorway itself went fine – thankfully, but… we did have a bit of car drama, as halfway through our journey, the car decide to break down in a pretty big way! We did manage to get to the wedding in time, thanks to Lee’s lovely Dad, but ended up missing the ceremony, and then had our car in the garage for a week!

I then started my new job – yay – but with my car in the garage, this wasn’t exactly the easiest first week, as I ended up having to get a two-hour bus journey to/from work each day! Hideous! But apart from the journeys, the new job has been pretty exciting! I’m sure I’ll share more about it as time goes on!

So there you go – for anyone who has actually read through all that, I’ve had a pretty busy few weeks! I’m hoping things will calm down now, and I’ll be back on here much more frequently!

But for now, have a great rest of the week!

Leah x

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