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Top 10 Favourite Love Stories

love stories

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and while some people might see Valentine’s Day as a bit of a tacky, unnecessary holiday, I love that it gives everyone – couples, families, friends, a chance to show their love for eachother – n’awww.

Now, I am a bit of a romantic (as is any girl who grew up watching Disney films is, let’s be honest), and one of my favourite things to do on Valentine’s Day is snuggle down and watch a good old chick flick. We’re talking, Pretty Woman, My Girl, or… obviously, The Notebook. It’s the one day of the year (apart from my birthday) that my other half will let me watch something really, truly soppy, so of course I make the most of that opportunity!

Watching a love story develop on screen is like prozac to a romance-addict like me, so I thought I would share with you some of my all-time favourite on-screen love stories… you know, just in case any of you are this way inclined too… Enjoy!

My Girl – Veda and Thomas J

The sweetest, and also the saddest of love stories. These guys are the ultimate childhood best friends – they learn together, grow together and would do absolutely anything for eachother.

My Girl - Veda Thomas J

Romeo & Juliet (obvs)

A classic of course. R&J in Baz Lurhmann’s version of the film, played by Leo Di’Cap  and Clare Danes are my favourite – super sweet and such a hot couple. Shame it ends so tragically – these two would make cute babies!

Romeo and Juliet

Up – Ellie & Carl

If anyone hasn’t seen ‘Up’ yet, then what are you playing at?! The film is amazing, but the first 10 minutes are what wins it for me. Carl and Ellie’s story is played out in 10 beautiful minutes, that take this couple from their first childhood encounter, through to old-age. It will make you laugh, and probably cry too.

Up ellie and carl

Grease – Sandy and Danny

Grease is one of my favourite movies of all time, and even as a kid, I was obsessed with Danny and Sandy. They’re the typical example of the good girl/bad boy love story.

grease sandy and danny

The Notebook – Noah & Allie

Rich city girl falling in love with poor country boy. And when that country boy is Ryan Gosling and the city girl is Rachel McAdams? It’s the dreamiest love story and one that I could watch a million times and not get bored of.

the notebook noah and allie

The Addams Family – Gomez and Morticia

Not your typical couple, but despite their dark, gothic style, these guys are such a great example of a true love story. Just watch the way they dance together, or speak about eachother. All-encompassing, Addams-family style love.

gomez and morticia addams

500 Days of Summer – Summer & Tom

Okay, so we know this couple doesn’t last, and probably aren’t even very good together most of the time. But when I watch 500 Days, all I think is how cute they are playing home-maker in Ikea, or lying in bed together laughing. They’re the ultimate example of the beginning of a relationship – that passion, the feeling of falling headfirst in love, and trying so hard to impress that person.

500 Days of Summer - Summer & Tom

Iron man – Tony Stark & Pepper Potts

Tony, the businessman, secret superhero and former playboy, falling in love with Pepper, his clever and quirky assistant. They finish eachother’s sentences, know eachother inside-out, and while it takes a while for them to realise they’re in love, when they do, they are so perfect.

Iron man - Tony Stark & Pepper Potts

Dexter – Dexter & Rita

So this love story doesn’t end well (I won’t go into detail, in case any of you haven’t watched them all yet!) but Dexter and Rita are one couple that you’ll find yourself really rooting for. Rita is such a good person, that you want so badly for Dexter to become a better person for her (which he does!), and give her the life she and the kids deserve. They’re really one of my favourite fictional couples ever.

dexter and rita

Juno – Juno and Bleeker

Finally, a love story that I’ve been obsessed with since I first watched Juno back when it hit the cinemas. It’s one of my favourite films, and these guys are the quirkiest, sweetest couple. The cutest bit of the film is at the end when Juno’s given birth to the baby, and Bleeker comes in and lies on the hospital bed with her. They’re so perfectly matched and after Bleeker confessed that Juno ‘broke my heart’, you spend most of the film waiting for Juno to realise she wants to be with Bleeker, and so happy when she finally does.

Juno and bleeker

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