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Perfect Wedding Gifts for any budget

wedding gifts for any budget hetero heroine

It seems that I’m getting to that age where lots of my closest pals are getting engaged – which is scary as it means we’re all actually growing up (physically if not mentally), but also so incredibly exciting as it means lots of beautiful weddings that I get to be a part of. This year alone I’ll have been bridesmaid to two of my closest girls – and another next year!

One thing I both love and fret over, when it comes to weddings is picking a lovely wedding gift for the lucky couple! While the idea of an official ‘Wedding Gift List’ that couples give out is certainly not dead (I have one literally right in front of me as we speak), a lot of couples I know tend to leave that formality out, leaving us guests to our own devices when picking a gift, which although lovely to do, can seem daunting – to me at least! A wedding is such an important event in people’s lives, that I find myself under a lot of pressure to buy the ‘right’ gift that represents the couple (both of them – which can be tricky!), and your relationship with them.

That said, there are some great sites and shops providing wonderful gift ideas for any budget. Over the past few months I’ve spent so long sifting through websites and online boutiques searching for the loveliest wedding gifts, and thought I would share with you some of my finds – with options for pretty much any budget!

wedding gifts for any budget hetero heroine


Little Trinkets – Under £5

This Marriage Rules Mug is perfect for anyone on a budget, or a little extra something if you’re putting together a few items.

Available from Etsy – find it here

Price: £5

Perfect for: Couples with a sense of humour


Thrifty & Thoughtful – Under £10

I love this sweet little personalised wooden spoon – not only because I spend half of my life in the kitchen! HA! It is really cute though, and a pretty thrifty way to give a personalised gift without a hefty budget.

Available from Getting Personal – find it here

Price: £7.99

Perfect for: A thrifty, thoughtful couple – or anyone really – who wouldn’t like this?!


The Personal Touch – £10 – £20

I think these lovely little coffee stencils are such a nice idea – super thoughtful (unless the couple in questions hate coffee…) and something that would serve as cute reminder to the lucky couple long after their wedding day has passed. I know a good few people who would LOVE this.

Available from Not On The High Street – find it here

Price: £12.50

Perfect for: Coffee Connoisseurs and hot choccie enthusiasts (that would be me then!)


Everyday Reminders – £20 – £30

Not everybody’s cup of tea, I’m sure – but I saw these Mr and Mrs Pillowcases and absolutely loved the idea of these. Everyone says your Wedding Day goes so quickly, so it’s lovely to give the happy couple something that will remind them of it every night when they get into bed. I chose this particular set because I loved the different fonts that are used on the Mr and Mrs (must be spending too much time with my graphic designer boyfriend!).

Available from Etsy – find it here

Price: £24.70

Perfect for: Romantic types – although you can get sarcastic versions for those less romantically-inclined 😉


Happily Ever After – £50 or more

So this is definitely for those with a little more to spend. Such a clever idea, and I loved the personalised box – something the couple could have a keepsake box for years to come. The box comes lined with silk, and with a bottle of Moet Champagne for the couple to open on their first anniversary – I’ve probably repeated this a few times, but I love the thought of giving a gift that the couple will be able to keep as a reminder of their big day, and this one is really such a lovely idea!

Available from Not On The High Street – find it here

Price: £64.95

Perfect for: Those who love a little bit of luxury.


Do It Yourself?

If you’re a keen cross-stitcher, or think yourself a bit of a nifty designer (don’t we all, a little bit?), or just fancy trying your hand at a new craft or hobby, then why not create something for the lucky couple yourself? There are so many possibilities, and the finished piece will be just that touch more personal than something you’ve  bought off the shelf. Give yourself some time, take a bit of inspiration from places like Notonthehighstreet or Etsy – and if it doesn’t work out how you wanted it, you’ve still got time to find something!


I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration! Do you have any great wedding gift ideas? I’d love to hear them!

Leah x

Journalism Graduate, Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger and Crafting Enthusiast. Bristol, UK.

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