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In a bid to conquer one of my New Year’s Resolutions (be less stressed), and as an avid crafter by nature, I recently decided to take up cross stitch. (Yes, I am officially an old lady – but if I admit it, it makes it okay right?)

I had never really been too aware of the world of cross-stitch before – then last summer an old work colleague introduced me to the craft on a lunch break. I was intrigued, not only by how calming cross-stitching seemed, but also by the odd and hilarious designs she produced. Much like the ones above, I was opened up to a whole new world of inappropriate slogans and naughty puns that seemed both completely out of place, yet so completely PERFECT, in this sweet, stitched form.

found the cutest designs - the unicorn is next on my list!

found the cutest (and rudest!) designs – the unicorn is next on my list!

All in all, I pronounce that cross-stitch is no longer just for old ladies. Any other stitchers/crafters out there? Any tips for a newbie?

N.B. Expect numerous future posts featuring unicorns, and curse words. OBSESSED.


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