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Monthly Update: February

Feb montage

In a bid to keep this one short and sweet, here are just a few of the moments and lovely things that made up this February.

  • Spending quality time with the family for my motherbear’s birthday.
  • Reorganising and sorting my dressing table (I’m so in love with it right now)
  • Start of a little bedroom makeover.
  • Treating myself to some lovely makeup and book-y treats.
  • Indulging in my (now) excessive bubblebath addiction.
  • Ending the weekend with drinks aplenty and crazy dancing with some favourite girlies.

All in all, it’s been a lovely month – albeit a bit spend-y (my bank account isn’t too happy right now!).

What have you lovelies been up to this past month?

Leah x

Journalism Graduate, Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger and Crafting Enthusiast. Bristol, UK.

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