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Lovely Things: June 2014

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I don’t know about you, but I find that sometimes we can be so busy that it becomes difficult to take count of all of the positive things in our lives; to really appreciate everything that makes our lives happy ones. Work life or studies can take over and before you know it, you’re completely oblivious to all of the lovely things that you should be paying more attention to.

In this light, and inspired by Vivatramp’s H is for Happy, I thought it would be nice to make a monthly note of the things that make me happy. Not only do I the get to share these, but I also have an excuse to focus on and think about all of the happiness in my life that is so often forgotten.

Lovely Things: June

Orange is the New Black

It’s back, with all it’s gritty, hilarious goodness! Hurray!

I started watching this back in January with Lee, and we loved it so much we managed to get through the whole 13 episodes in a matter of a couple of weeks. When the new series was released a few weeks ago, I really struggled to spread them out even as much as this, and had watched them all in literally days. I’m a little annoyed with myself, but do blame Netflix partly too, for making them all available at once. While I’m waiting for the next series (in a year’s time *sob*), I may just watch them all over again if I’m perfectly honest.

I would also recommend the book (yes, there’s a book!) for any OITNB fans. It’s not as dramatic as the series by any stretch of the imagination, but the series was based on it, and so it is definitely a worthwhile read. For anyone who’s interested, I did a little review of the book, and some other summer reads a few weeks ago. You can check it out here.


My Best Friend’s Wedding

This Saturday, my bestie is getting married and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve known Frankie since we were 11 years old, and I cannot wait to be there to watch her marry her man. The wedding will be in a local church, with a huge marquee celebration at her gorgeous family home. I’ll be sure to share some of my pictures next week, once I’ve recovered! Let’s just hope the weather holds out! Fingers crossed!


Little Decor Touches

This month, I’ve been working from home, which has given me a little bit of free time to get some things done around the house that I’ve been wanting to do for months. We decorated our bedroom back in March, and while the paint had been done, we hadn’t really had time to think about any decorative touches.

We decided on a monochrome feel for accessories, which works really well with the plum/white colour scheme. One of the first things I’ve done is to update some old photo frames with washi tape (my new favourite thing ever!). It really does add a whole new feel to items that might be a bit old, or just unused, and at around £1 a roll, it is super thrifty!

I’ll be putting up a whole post on the many uses of washi tape, so keep your eyes peeled.


Sun Daze

So it’d be stating the obvious to say that the weather we’ve been having recently is amazing. But it truly is. And a little bit of sun in our lives really does make the world of difference. Everyone is happier with a bit of sunshine.

I’ve been trying to make the most of the sun while I can, spending as much time outside as possible (hence I’ve been AWOL for a couple of weeks!) and living in somerset means there are numerous places around to go and enjoy the sun. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m planning on a couple of posts later this week on some lovely places for a day trip, so stay tuned!

IMG_9509 IMG_9529 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Working from home

As I mentioned, I’ve been working from home now for a few weeks, and although at times it can be lonely, generally speaking, I can’t complain! Getting that extra half an hour in bed, no long commute to work (unless you count walking downstairs as a long commute!), and being able to work in my PJs should I so wish!

Now, to be honest, I’ve worked in my PJs once, as I find I’m much more productive if I get up and get myself ready like any other day. But on the whole, it’s relaxing knowing I don’t have to get up at 6.40am, or get the dreaded train to work. Bliss.

working from home

I’d love to hear about the things you’re happy for. Or if anybody has any tips for working from home?


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