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From shutter to storage solution with Hillary’s and Joe Blogs


So a couple of weekends ago, myself and my fellow blogger over at Girls In Polka Dots, Sarah, were invited by Joe Blogs to attend a lovely crafting workshop hosted by Hillary’s. As a crafting addict, I jumped at the chance to  spend the day learning a new craft, and of course meeting some fellow local bloggers.

On the day
So we turned up not really knowing what to expect, and found out that we would be turning old, shutters into something unique for around the home. Showing us how to do this was the very lovely Becky Clarke, who helped us all to turn simple shutters into gorgeous multi-purpose storage solutions, using just 1 plain shutter, 3 mason jars, some Annie Sloane paint, a piece of rope, a plumbing fixture and various tools (screwdriver, drill etc). The final result was super amazing – here are a few pictures to show you what we got up to and how we made our finished pieces!

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I wanted to have mine as a storage solution for my craft room at home – I have so much stationary, and random bits and bobs that I use when I’m crafting, so for me, this seemed like the perfect solution. With the grey background, I wanted to jazz it up a little, so I added a few items that I had around the house, including the letter L, and floral pattern which I glued straight onto the wood. I then screwed in some little hanging hooks at the bottom which will be useful for hanging washi tape and some of my embroidery things from, and attached some little notepads that I had lying around! The overall effect is quite simple – and very me! I can’t wait to start using it!

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