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As you may have seen from one of my previous posts, this year my lovely boy and I bought our very first home, and we’ve spent the past few months making it feel like ours (I feel like I’ve lived in my painting clothes). We moved in over the summer, and were so focused on creating an interior that we felt happy with – so the garden has been at the bottom of our job list.

We have a small patio garden, and while it served it’s purpose over the summer, with us hosting a couple of small BBQs in the midst of the decorating, we’ve now decided to start work on our little garden.

My late grandfather was a keen gardener, winning ‘South West Garden of the Year’ for several consecutive years and spending hours each day pruning and working his magic. I always loved how magical his garden always looked, and  while I may not have the time (god bless retirement) or garden space to create something like his, I’m keen to make a garden I can be proud of.

Like so many others out there, we don’t have a huge garden – and so we have been doing our research to find ideas that will make the most of our limited space. And so I thought I would share with all some of the great ideas and inspiration we have found.


Lavender and tulips are some of my favourite plants, and, luckily, they work amazingly in containers too! Hurrah!

I love the idea of using various shades of the same colour in different pots and containers to create a strong, colourful feel.

Interesting and quirky containers can make a really striking effect, even in a small garden – be creative!

I’ll keep you all filled with any progress we make – we have planted a few things so far since February and so I will be posting some photos soon!

Leah xo

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