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Becoming a Yes Person

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For all my life, I’ve been the sort of person who struggles to go outside of their comfort zone. I attribute this to the fact that I’m anxious by nature and generally a bit of a worrier. Over the years, this has led to me saying ‘no’ to exciting opportunities, or struggling to enjoy myself when experiencing something new, because my anxiety just gets the better of me. But there have also been times when I have said ‘yes’, pushed myself outside of my comfort zone, and just got on with things, because somebody else is relying on me, or because I know it is something that I need to do to better myself or my life. And in those moments, as much as my anxiety sets me completely on edge, I’ve ended up really thankful for stepping outside of my comfort zone. Those moments have made my life better, or given me amazing or memorable experiences. So I know the benefits, but at times, it can still be a struggle to get on board with saying ‘yes’.

So when I came across the Year of the Yes blog, I loved the idea of pushing yourself and documenting all of those ‘yes’ moments. I also love the story behind their blog, and how they have turned a terrible experience into something positive. Losing someone you love is never easy, but it’s such a great memoir to those we have lost, to choose to do more with our lives, and make the most of every moment that we have.

This idea has inspired me to start pushing myself outside of my comfort zone – to say ‘yes’ to more things, and document those things here. So far, there are a couple of things that are on the plans this year that will take me totally outside of my comfort zone:

  • Travelling across America

    Lee and I have been wanting to do a trip like this for so long, and this year, we’re finally taking the plunge. Later this year, we’ll be heading over to San Francisco to drive across the west coast of America – taking in Yosemite, Death Valley, Vegas, LA, Palm Springs, San Diego and the Pacific Coast Highway, taking in lots of amazing sights along the way. Neither of us has ever driven abroad, so it will be totally new for both of us, and my nerves are already a wreck about it. But I also know that the experiences we have along the way will make this trip one we will remember for the rest of our lives and I can’t wait. Our flights are all booked now, so no going back!

  • Running a half marathon

    Over the years, I’ve been a bit on and off with running… mostly dependant on weather – I am not ashamed to admit I am a fair weather runner! But with our wedding next year, I’ve been really wanting to up my game when it comes to fitness, and so when a friend suggested we enter a half marathon, I thought this could be a really great goal to keep my fitness on track. I’ve never ran more than 10km, so this will be a huge challenge for me, and while I am terrified, I have around 6 months to train and prepare myself – wish me luck!

Throughout the year, I’ll continue to try my hand at becoming a ‘yes’ person, and of course I’ll keep you up to date with my ‘yes’ journey as it continues!

For now, I’ll leave you with this quote from the great Richard Branson:

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it!”

Love, Leah


Journalism Graduate, Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger and Crafting Enthusiast. Bristol, UK.

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