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English Summer: Sand Point

english summer sand point heteroheroine

It may sound a bit anti-social, but to me, there is nothing better than having an entire weekend with no set plans, no people to see or things to do. It’s so nice to just follow wherever your mood takes you.

Wanna stay in my PJs all day and watch Disney movies? Fine. Or just pack up a picnic and head out to explore new places? Equally fine.

No plans means spontaneity and really just doing exactly what takes you in that exact moment.

Last weekend was the first weekend in weeks that me and Lee had an entire weekend with no plans and, as this is the first summer that one of us can drive (we’re late bloomers! >.< ), we decided to make the most of our little car and drive down to a hidden part of Weston that neither of us had been to in years.

Sand Point is a lovely little area about a 15minute drive from Weston town. Nestled into the coast, it’s pretty hidden to the usual holiday-makers and, even on a sunny saturday afternoon, was so serene and peaceful – we probably saw about 10 other people there all afternoon.

weston-super-mare sand point

We met a little friend on the trail – so cute!

The highlight of Sand Point is a gorgeous little woodland trail that you can take that leads you up to the top of the hillside (the ‘Point’). The trail takes about 30 minutes and is deceptively steep, with lots of slopes and stairs to climb up. I’d recommend wearing better shoes than the little sandals I’d worn!

sand point weston-super-mare

I finally got to the top of the trail!


The views when you get to the top of the trail are worth all the climbing and steep slopes. The Hillside continues for about a half a mile, and when you get to the end, you’re surrounding on almost all sides by the most amazing sea views – they really are breathtaking!


When we finally settled on a spot, we got our picnic out. I was given this basket by my old work colleagues as a leaving present and have been dying to use it – I think it might get a lot of use this summer! It was lovely just lazing around with the sound of the waves crashing, and birds and bees flying around us.

And then, after filling our bellies, we settled down for a bit of sunbathing – which for Lee means falling asleep in the sun, and for me means reading a book and slapping the factor 30 on every hour! (FYI I still managed to burn!)

Sand point weston-super-mare somerset days out heteroheroine

Hotdogs or legs?

On the route back, we took a little detour down the side of the hillside, which leads to a hidden little pebble beach. There were a couple of other people there with their dogs, who were happily swimming round in the sea. It’s a great place to bring pooches – they seemed to love their little paddle in the sea.


Sand Point beach weston-super-mare

If you’re after somewhere in Somerset to go and spend the day, I would thoroughly recommend Sand Point. We had such a nice, relaxing day, and we both got home feeling completely chilled out – so much so ended up falling asleep on the sofa!


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