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Every few months I get the urge to get clean, sort and just generally get everything in order – from organising my beauty table to rejigging my sewing room (yes, I have a sewing room!). Over time, no matter how hard I try, clutter tends to accumulate and so sorting out these spaces always helps me to feel clear-headed and creative again.

Working full time, I don’t spend as much time as I’d like in these spaces, and so, when I do, it is important that they keep me inspired and feeling creative. I need to be able to get in there and start straight away – whether that be creating a piece of embroidery or trying out new makeup ideas. A lacklustre room is going to give you no creative inspiration and leave you feeling less than ready to make a start on a new project or piece of work.

I’m a huge fan of Pinterest and when it comes to home decor and organising, I get a lot of my ideas from there. There are so many great ideas when it comes to creating a space that is inspiring and creative, and so I thought I would share some of them with you:


Think Colour

First things first, colour creates such a visual impact. Personally I like to keep my spaces light and airy – lots of white and pastels, with hints of colour. In my sewing room, I use ribbons, embroidery skeins, and other sewing accessories to add colour to the white desk space and and furniture.

TIP: Flowers like the roses you see (above left) add temporary colour to spaces and mean you can test out different colours to see how they look – or change them to suit your mood.

Mason jars are also a cheap and easy way to add colour. Simply paint them to suit your colour palette like you can see – or fill them with coloured ribbons or stones to create a bright look.

TIP: Clean white spaces look so great and inspiring, but by adding little nick nacks and quirky pieces, you’ll add personality to your space. I love the dinosaur theme to the cute pink room (bottom left).

TIP: Fill empty wall space with photos, or artwork that makes you happy or reminds you of good memories. That way, when you’ve got writer’s block, or are lacking any inspiration, you can simply look around and those memories or inspiring pieces will help you get your momentum back.

I hope these help inspire you with your creative spaces – I’ve found so many of my own ideas through Pinterest and will share photos of my own little creative space soon!

Leah xoxo

Journalism Graduate, Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger and Crafting Enthusiast. Bristol, UK.

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