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Recipes: Spring-inspired Cocktail Ideas


Okay, so you’ve got the girls coming round for some cocktails, but you don’t know what drinks to make. Instead of turning to the same recipe you always go for (for me it’s always a Cosmopolitan – easy and reliable), why not try out something a little bit different? It’s so much fun trying out different recipes with some friends, and the end result will look a fair bit more impressive than the same old drink you serve up every time. Most of the time, I actually prefer having the girls come round for a cocktail-making night, where we experiment with different recipes, than actually going out for cocktails – although heading out can be fun, staying in and DIY-ing it can be miles cheaper and so much more fun. So with this in mind, I’ve found some amazing recipes that are perfect for a girls night out this Spring – full of light, refreshing flavours, and some stunning colour combos.

The Charleston Pink Lady
This baby pink beauty looks almost too good to drink, but with it’s main ingredient being gin, I’m sure I’d be able to get past that! How amazing would it be to serve these up to the girls?!

Charleston Pink Lady Cocktail Recipe

Raspberry Limoncello prosecco
I love the sound of this bubbly, fruity cocktail – they sound so light and refreshing I can see me making these right through the summer. Yum.

raspberry limoncello prosecco

The Red Queen
Another gin-based concoction (I really can’t help myself!), but this one has a completely different take, with the cranberries and elderflower giving it more of a grown up feel.

the red queen

Pineapple Coconut Champagne
This sweet tropical-inspired recipe sounds so delish. Plus, for a recipe that’s pretty straight-forward these would look seriously impressive served up.

pineapple coconut champagne

Champagne Margaritas
I’m not a huge fan of tequila, but in a well-put-together margarita? One of my faves. This recipe also contains champagne, adding a little touch of luxe to your night. Perfect for a little celebratory tipple (or three!).

champagne Margaritas

Raspberry Blush
I love a sweet, raspberry-based cocktail – they made any drink super refreshing – but this one looks almost too good to drink, although the addition of raspberry and rose cordial makes me ready to give it a go!

raspberry blush

Coconut Lavender Lemonade
I want to try this recipe out purely for the amazing colours – although the cocnut water and lavender syrup sound like the dreamiest combination. I’m already planning when I can test these out on the girls.

coconut lavender lemonade

Who else loves a good cocktail? Do you have a recipe that is your go-to for girls’ nights?

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