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Summer daze


Beginnings of summer and starting to feel like myself after weeks of working myself to the bone. A week off of life to ready myself for my first holiday in two years – I begin with fine dining with beautiful friends, and treating myself to a new swimsuit or two.


I’m a firm believer in the ‘bikini-a-day’ holiday diet – not only because, as the only outfit with a mass smaller than a pair of socks, you can take twenty bikinis on a week holiday and still be 12kgs under your baggage allowance – but also because of the lack of strap marks that a correctly appropriated combination of bikinis can allow for. It is with this in mind that I spent the majority of my day skimming the ‘net for the best little one and two-pieces out there (details of my researching escapades will be up soon).

A week off work means my blogging will be put well and truly back on track over the next few days, so feel free to keep tuned!

That’s it for now lovelies. I hope you’ve been enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

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