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Summer Cleanse: Detox Water

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Summer is finally here, and, like so many people, one of my main aims this summer is to get back into shape.

Over the past year (maybe longer!), my overall fitness had taken a backstep whilst other important things took over: buying our first house, decorating, changing jobs. This all meant that, unknowingly, I had put on a fair bit of weight. It only really hit home fully when family members started saying ‘wow, you’ve put on weight haven’t you?!’. Always nice to hear… Not.

But anyways, it was the signal that I needed to get back into the shape I was in before. Combined with the trip to Las Vegas & New York that I have next month, I’ve got the push I need to tone up and ditch some body fat. Cue returning to the gym (regularly this time!), and swapping crisps and choccies for fruits and veggies.



I’ve always eaten fairly healthily (due in part to being a fussy eater), but one thing I have never really been good with is my water intake. I don’t drink enough water, mistake thirst for hunger, and end up snacking on pretty bad food in an attempt to feel full, when actually I’m just thirsty! It’s a pretty common mistake I’m told, but one that I really want to get on top of.

Which is where Detox Water comes in:


I saw a post a few months back with a recipe for ‘detox water’ and really loved the idea of it. I tend to drink a lot of squash in an attempt to drink more water, but squash is either full of sugar, or full or sweeteners/chemicals – neither of which are doing me any good! And so I tried my first Detox Water:


Classic Detox Water

Mint Leaves


Lemon Slices

I mixed the ingredients above with some ice, shoved in the fridge for an hour or so, and voila! I make up a jug full, and then pour myself a glass every hour or so – when the jug is empty of water, I just fill it back up and pop it in the fridge again, so that I only have to prep the ingredients once a day.

I was really surprised by how much I loved it – I could drink loads of the stuff and not feel sick the way I do if I drink too much squash. Since then I’ve tried several different recipes – some I’ve liked more than others, but generally I just find them so easy to drink, and they’ve helped me stave off any hunger pangs.


Here is my latest concoction – a bit of a mix of my favourite flavours:


detox water

Summer Fling Detox Water


Mint Leaves


Mandarin Segments

You can literally mix together whatever tastes you like to find a Detox Water that you like. I’ve put together a list of things that Ive added to Detox Water. All of them have some flavour or detoxing element that make them lovely to infuse in water.

Detox Water Elements:

[span3]Cucumber[/span3][span3]Lemon Slices[/span3][span3]Mint Leaves[/span3][span3]Strawberry[/span3]

[span3]Blueberries[/span3][span3]Orange Slices[/span3][span3]Grapefruit[/span3][span3]Melon[/span3]

[span3]Lime[/span3][span3]Apple Slices[/span3][span3]Cinnamon[/span3][span3]Ginger[/span3]




Pear Slices

I also found some really great recipes over at Fooditusย if you’re not feeling too creative. The great thing about Detox Water is that you can use specific ingredients to target any particular problems – for example, I use mint in most of mine because I tend to get quite an acidic tummy, and this helps with that. It also helps that i have a ton of it growing in my garden!

mint plant detox water

one of my lovely little mint plants

Have you tried Detox Water? I’d love to hear any other great recipes!



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  • Reply Sunaina Kapoor 01/07/2014 at 8:23 pm

    I love this idea of detox water, and your ones sound so lovely! Definately gonna give this a go and possibly review it too! Thank you :))

    • Reply Leah 01/07/2014 at 10:58 pm

      They’re so good – I highly recommend! ๐Ÿ™‚

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