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love me beauty box

Anyone who reads this will know how much I love trying out new beauty products. So when I saw that Love Me Beauty were doing 50% off their subscriptions a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t really resist! Love Me Beauty are different from other beauty boxes, because you can choose which items you receive – something that really drew me in, as I’m always nervous that I’ll end up getting something that I just really won’t use (based on past experiences). I ended up buying a subscription for a year’s worth of monthly boxes (Oops!). I wasn’t initially planning on ordering a whole year’s worth, but with the 50% off it made it such a good deal, and they had such a good range of products to choose from, I couldn’t help myself!

I received the box about a week ago, but have been waiting to try out all of the products before putting this up!

The box came really nicely packaged – the box itself looked really chic, with all of the products inside this lovely little canvas bag. Opening the bag I was really pleasantly surprised with the products I received. With some beauty boxes, the products that you get are much smaller (and often sample-sized) than you’d imagine, but as far as I’m aware, all of the items in the Love Me Beauty boxes are full size.
Love me beauty december box

The Love Me Beauty Boxes are based on a system of points – with each box, you get six points you can spend. They have various sections, with loads of beauty/skincare/hair products that are each worth between 1-3 points, so depending on what you decide to get you could receive anything from 2 – 6 items. With my six points, I picked four items:

– Ecotools Face and Body Sculpting Brush

– Eco tools Full Eyeshadow Brush

– Anatomicals Bergamot and Green Ginger Body Butter

– Sally Hanson Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Colour

Love me beauty december box

I’m a bit of a makeup brush hoarder, so got a little bit excited at the thought of not one, but two full size makeup brushes to add to my collection. Although, if I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting great things, as I’ve a pretty rubbish experience with Ecotools brushes in the past – I’ve used a couple that have been really bristle and harsh on my skin. These two though really surprised me. The Face and Body Brush, while a bit too big for anything more than an all-over face bronze, is super soft, and really easy to use with a large wooden base. It’s also perfect for adding bronzer to your collarbone areas. The Eyeshadow brush again was really soft to use, and a good size for adding a base colour onto your lids. The finer end of the brush also works well for adding a bit of finer detail.

Love me beauty december box

The Anatomicals Body Butter, while being really easy to apply, is a really unusual scent, which is fine for before bed, but I’m not sure I’d want the scent lingering on my skin during the day. It is really lovely to apply though, and my skin felt so soft after applying before bed. In fact, I’m keeping it on my bedside table at the moment so I can use it every night.

Finally, the Sally Hansen nail polish I ordered in a dark purple glitter. I love a glitter varnish for the festive season, and can see this one being used a lot over Christmas. It’s a really deep purple colour, with subtle, fine glitter than shimmers in the light. It’s also an ultra-hardening polish which means that after two coats, it doesn’t chip anywhere near as much as other polishes tend to. I was pretty impressed overall!

Have any of you tried the Love Me Beauty boxes? What are your thoughts?

Leah x

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